Our Foundry has a melting cum holding furnace with capacity of 5 metric tons per casting. We are capable of casting aluminium billets for the diameter of 127 mm(5 inch) and 178 mm (7 inch). We use Direct Chill casting in order to cast our aluminium billets.

Extrusion Press

Deccan extrusion currently has two hydraulic extrusion presses , 1650 Metric Ton press and 1000 Metric ton. The machine have been imported from Taiwan and china respectively, the plant has capacity to produce 12000 metric tons per Annum.

Precision Cutting machine

Our precision cutting machine uses PLC of Mitsubishi control system for Precise Cutting of Aluminum Profiles at a 90° Angle and Specially Developed Profile Removal System to Prevent Scratching of the Aluminum Profile. The servo-controlled lift, drive, and release system gives us faster processing and dent free handling of profiles.

Laboratory Equipments


A spectrometer for aluminium extrusion is an analytical instrument used to determine the chemical composition of aluminium alloys used in the extrusion process. It helps ensure that the aluminium material meets the required specifications and quality standards for extrusion applications.

Using a spectrometer in aluminium extrusion helps avoid issues related to using incorrect alloys or compositions, which could lead to subpar products with compromised mechanical properties. It also ensures that the final aluminium products meet specific strength, durability, and corrosion resistance requirements, making them suitable for various applications across industries like construction, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

This Universal Testing Machine offers precise, consistent, and dependable outcomes for various tests such as tensile, compression, flexure, peel, shear, tear, or friction on a diverse range of materials. It serves as a valuable tool for quality control, product development, research, and process improvement purposes.

The universal testing machine is specifically engineered to handle high-capacity testing of round, flat, and profile specimens.

Profile projector

The most important geometrical characteristics for an aluminium extrusion are distances, radii, angles, parallelism, perpendicularity and wall thickness. In order to measure this we have equipped our lab with profile projector, for faster and accurate measurement of the products we supply.

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