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Deccan Extrusions is located in outskirts of puducherry, established during the year 1998. Deccan Extrusions serves all ranges of extruded products to its customers starting from 1xxx to 6xxx series.


Aluminum Extrusion

Extrusion is defined as the process of shaping material, such as aluminum, by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die.



The solar industry is utilizing Aluminium solutions to come up with better and lighter systems for safe and sustainable energy
We offer extruded Aluminium components and specialist systems for all types of business in the solar industry.

Services that we offer

  • Product Range

The company has reverberatory melting Furnace, DC casting Unit with the latest HOT TOP method of casting to cast various alloys.

aluminium melting hot top system
  • Bars & Tubes
  • Angles, Channels & Tees
  • Tower Bolts, Hinges, Ladders
  • Curtain wall, Hand rails
  • Handles, Venetian blinds
  • Architectural and Structural
  • Bus Body, Heatsink, Industrial

Resulting to the finest surface finished casted logs by eliminating the presence of aluminium oxides. Necessary grain refinement, degassing eliminates hydrogen gas, also we ensure the product extruded will have excellent surface finish and amends to various surface treatment processes.

aluminium melting hot top system

Deccan has a presses that extrude hollow section with maximum CCD of 180mm and Solid section with CCD 200mm.
Also advanced machineries like puller system stretching machine with table to adjust the length of section as per the needs.

We have both Electrical and gas ageing furnace to meet out the needs of the day-to-day production. Inspection Department ensures the quality of the product to 100% by measuring, line inspection, appearance, and hardness tested using WEBSTER hand held Hardness Tester for aged sections. Further the sections are packed using automated packing unit.

aluminium melting hot top system

Deccan possesses more than 3000 profile shapes for varied applications (Architectural, hardware, road transport - vehicles, railways, electrical and electronic applications, engineering applications, automotive sector, consumer durables and others). Our products and its quality is widely appreciated in the international market.

aluminium melting hot top system

Deccan has die manufacturing tool room with basic machineries like Lathe, Turret Milling Machine etc., Nitriding furnace to maintain die life. Also, have hardness tester for regular inspection of die hardness.

aluminium melting hot top system

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Customer satisfaction is our motto, so we are committed and well aware of quality requirement and service needs of the customers.

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