Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai

We Deccan Extrusions (Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai) offer you a variety of Aluminium Profiles to boost you to upgrade the emergence of your kitchen cabinet doors. Aluminium is a consonantly soft, durable, ductile, lightweight and malleable metal with appearance varying from silvery to dull gray that is depending on the surface’s roughness. These profiles designed by aluminium profile manufacturer in Chennai furnish the cabinet doors with a lustrous stylish look The aluminium use by us to construct aluminium profiles is of superior quality and verified and approved by Different agencies as per industrial norms that conforms to the top standards of excellence. These state-of-the-art contours boost user friendly and are intensely easy to install without interrupt any work. The Aluminium profile manufacturers in Chennai coup an individual’s sense of refinement by proposing variety of design potentials and seamless installation.

About aluminium steel

Aluminium profiles made by us are perfectly suitable for both glass and with wood paneling also. The aluminum profiles are attached by strong steel connectors which assures a long-term rigid joint connection. Diversified range of aluminum profiles by Deccan Extrusions (Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai) consists, wood panel shelf profile, glass shutter profiles, handle profile, shutter edge profiles, sink cabinet profile handle which has the high durability as well as the Superior quality.

Designing and structure

Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai have a wide range of aluminium profile section as well all the connection elements and accessories the designer could need for installation of aluminium profiles. These Standard components allow an almost absolute possibility of frames to be manufacture for use in industrial machines, guarding, and display and storage applications.

Profile machining and edging edifice to customer’s drawings is drifting out by Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai on reliable delivery times. Alternatively, definite cut and random lengths can be supplied to customers who are wishing to construct their own system.

Aluminum has a great value in the market

Aluminium profiles are used everywhere, and are growing increasingly popular as more industries observe their benefits. Aluminium weight is one third of steel that’s making easy to shape it into classic designs. It also has a smooth surface finish as well versatile. Aluminium is 100% recyclable that’s makes is industry’s first choice. All these properties of aluminium make it possible to construct custom-made aluminium profiles at a reasonable cost. When superior material and the technology work together, a large array of possibilities gets available to develop customer-specific designs. Like Cars become lighter, Furniture more elegant, Beds more comfortable. And many more. At Deccan Extrusions (Aluminium profile Manufacturer in Chennai) we have an experience of thousands of designs, and every day we can see illustrations of how concepts and elucidations get shape.