aluminum extrusion dealer in Chennai

Aluminum extrusion is a process in which aluminum alloy transform into objects with a definite cross-sectional profile for a huge range of uses and to be supplied to the aluminium extrusion dealer in Chennai. The aluminum extrusion process makes the most of aluminum’s exclusive combination of physical attributes. Malleability property of Aluminum allows it to conveniently machined and cast, and still aluminum extrusion dealer in Chennai is one third the of steel’s density and stiffness so the resulting products offer potency and stability, specifically when alloyed with other metals.

We can safely acclaim to be the leaders in aluminum extrusion business in South India. We stand to take up bigger challenges, backed by comprehensive production capabilities and skilled abilities of our work force. Our goal is well defined with our vision for perfect designs, execution and delivery. This is affirmed by our numerous domestic and foreign based customers. We are well set for essential enhancement of our production further.

Our aluminium extrusion dealer in Chennai does the following

Our aluminum extrusion production range

  • Aluminum Bars & Tubes
  • Aluminum angles, channels & Tees
  • Aluminum Tower bolts, Hinges and Ladders
  • Accessories such as curtain walls, hand rails, heat sink, handle etc.
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Architectural and structural- customized Aluminum extrusion
  • Interior accessories- Glass sections and Table corners
  • Bus Bodies as per designs
  • Customized Industrial & General requirement

Product range in Chennai

Aluminium extrusion dealer in Chennai offers these products in various ranges including Aluminum Flats, Aluminium Angles, Aluminium Round Tubes, Aluminium Channels, Aluminium Architectural Profiles and Aluminium Coils. Our Offered product is in huge demand because these are in coherence to the standards as well as constructed using superior quality materials supplied by our clients. Our reputed customers can service the product in large assortment, different shapes and sizes. Our product is available with our aluminium extrusion dealer in Chennai is in reasonable range so as to meet the blooming demands of our clients. Moreover, we also provide customization to our range as per customer's requirements.

How we do it: Production facility

Deccan Extrusion has his production place well fitted with the state of art machines to deliver products with precision with the help of aluminium extrusion dealer in Chennai

  • Extrusion Press- A 900 MT capacity press that gives extrusion of 5mm to 125mm CCD.
  • Puller machines- The puller system machines with the adjustable table, as per the length is one huge addition to our production capabilities.
  • Foundry- A reverberating melting furnace, DC casting unit with the Hot-Top method to cast alloys. The casting quality control is done through Spectrometer lab.
  • Casting accessories- Vacuum Emission from Shimazhu Japan with tablet degasser, grain refiner, MNGU etc. The idea is to deliver smooth finish of the final product, devoid of any aluminum oxide.
  • Artificial ageing furnace- electrical and gas based.
  • Test Lab- It is well equipped with all the testing equipment.
  • Inspection and quality control- Of extruded products by measuring, checking physical appearance, general and ageing section hardness is tested with the help of Webster hand held hardness tester.
  • Packing- Automated packing plant for smooth operation, prepares for speedy delivery.
  • Tool Room- The tool room has all the necessary tools such as Lathe machines, Turret milling machine, die’s nitriding furnace and all the mandatory tools to maintain high degree of quality outputs.